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Evolution 40




In 2003 the Evolution 38 was introduced onto the market and after 9 years, the Evolution 38 has proved itself to be a good, solid and safe working platform withstanding all conditions the English weather can throw at it… FIND OUT MORE!


The Evolution 33 standard (s) was introduced in 2004, this boat is under 10 metres and has all the stability and good handling as its bigger sister - the Evolution 38… FIND OUT MORE!

The Evolution 30 has been designed to fulfil customer demand for a boat of this size. The design will incorporate a full length keel, a propeller tunnel to reduce the shaft angle and a fine entry bow for a smooth weather ride… FIND OUT MORE!

Evolution Boats specialise in designing and building craft to suit many professional & private boat owners' requirements. We are also able to produce plugs/moulds for any profession, big or small.

We are confident that any Evolution or Universal vessel can be produced to meet your individual requirements & budget - please feel free to discuss your needs with us and we are confident that a suitable fit out can be produced. These vessels make perfect fishing boats, dive boats & pleasure boats.

As a company, we aim to provide a safe, high quality product at competitive prices.

Whatever stage boat you require, the Evolution & Universal range will be monitored with maintained documentation with type approval from MECAL.

Our boats can be purchased at any stage of the build to suit your requirements. Feel free to contact us if you require any further information.

2012 sees the further development and natural progression of the Evolution 38 and 38i, by combining the best features of both boats and lengthening the hull we now have the new Evolution 40. The new design will give you better performance and improved fuel efficiency… FIND OUT MORE!

Tiger Lily - Evolution 38 Evolution 40