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2012 saw the further development and natural progression of the Evolution 38 and 38i, by combining the best features of both boats and lengthening the hull we now have the new Evolution 40.

By lengthening the hull, increasing the length of the water line and with careful re-sculpturing of the hull; the Evolution 40 will give you increased performance and better fuel economy still using the same amount of horsepower as previously used to power both Evolution 38’s.

The new deck area on the Evolution 40 will enable you to fish twelve anglers comfortably whilst fishing or if you wish to use the boat for potting the boat offers a larger storage capacity for your needs.  

All Evolution boats are now solidly constructed using Nidaplast only. No longer is any wood used below the decks, so there are no worries of timber deteriorating in the future. Not only is the Nidaplast stronger, but it’s properties offer insulating values along with sound deadening qualities. By constructing the boats solely from Nidaplast, the boat is far lighter than a conventional boat of its size and therefore not using as much fuel to carry its weight.