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The Evolution 33 standard (s) was introduced in 2004, this boat is under 10m and has all the stability and good handling as its big brother - the Evolution 38.

There are two versions of the Evolution 33 - a long wheelhouse or a short wheelhouse, the latter being more popular with the commercial skipper because it has more deck space. The Evolution 33 is often used by people either starting in the charter business or down sizing from larger boats. With the short wheelhouse this is the perfect vessel for commercial fishing as there is plenty of deck space and the boat handles well in all seas.


The Evolution 33i was introduced in 2006, this has been mainly for the pleasure market but built to a commercial standard so it can still be used for charter work if required.




Water Line Length:

Deck Area:


Fuel Capacity:

9.94 m

3.6 m

0.902 m

8 m

12 sq/m

5000 kg

150-200 gallons

32.06 ft

11.81 ft

2.96 ft

26.25 ft

129.12 sq/ft

567.8-757.06 litres



STAGE 1: Minimum construction - Hull & Super-structure. (consists of hull, gunwale and wheelhouse joined, pasted and bonded. Bulkhead and longitudinal structure ribs constructed and bonded in vessel.)

STAGE 2: Structure complete and weather sealed.

STAGE 3: Complete vessel ready to sail.

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